Once you consent to being a judge in a speech contest you subscribe to certain obligations to certain people including the following:

Contestants: Contestants are entitled to, expect and deserve a professional judging. They should receive fairness and impartiality. They have invested heavily in the speech both in time and resources. A fair judgement makes it worthwhile.

Toastmasters International: Toastmasters has a reputation for excellence including excellent speech contests. Poor or biased judging erodes this reputation and demeans the contest.

The Audience: Whenever judges fail to make the best choice the audience will notice and feel cheated. Most in the audience are accomplished speakers themselves. A fiasco will deter them from participating in other contests.

Themselves: As a Toastmaster, judges have made a personal commitment to self-improvement. By violating that commitment the judge violates him/herself. This is a great disservice to self.
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