Gachau Patrick is the incoming Vice-President of Public Relations at Early Birds Toastmasters. He loves conversing and has given eight speeches at different Toastmasters clubs in the last two months.


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Give Your Speech Some Magic

Your competition is as prepared as you are. Your competition has rehearsed as had. Your competition knows their material as well as you. So what will give your speech a winning edge? How will the judges distinguish between two or three comparable speeches?

You will give yours some magic! That one utterly unforgettable moment. Deploy something rarely seen in competitions – You might sing but it is difficult to come with something rarely heard -. It could be a prop, a gesture, a stance or a striking way of interacting with the audience.

If the speech competition is stiff, and it will be, it is not be enough for you to leave the judge feeling “That was a great speech.” Instead, you want to leave every judge thinking “Whaaat!, did you see that?

Visualize yourself winning

You have prepared a winning speech. You have rehearsed. You have worked with your mentor then rehearsed again and again.

What’s left?


You must want to win to win. Visualising yourself winning is a very important aspects of your preparation. When you close your eyes you should picture yourself having fun before the audience . You should notice the audience having fun as well, smiling and hanging onto every word.

Picture yourself winning  and it will give you the attitude a winner. The audience will love it. The Judges will love it. You will love it.